Action Research Plan
Martha Caldwell

Step 1: Problem Identification

How can I best assess student progress in my Race, Class and Gender course? The course is based on lecture, readings, films, written responses, discussions, personal sharing and political or community action. The personal sharing is a major impetus for the development of the material because it creates personal meaning for the students and drives the action. It is, however, difficult to guide and assess.

Step 2: Plan of Action

Develop an assessment to use for the course during the course with involvement from the students, as well as a variety of other sources.

Step 3: Data Collection

1. Read articles on assessment
2. Perform Internet search on rubrics
3. Gather assessments from other courses
4. Talk to colleagues about assessments
5. Brainstorm with class about what is important to contribute to the class
6. Make a list of skills, characteristics and behaviors that contribute to creating a positive learning environment for this type of course.
7. Make a list of all the assignments necessary for completion of the course

Step 4: Analysis of Data

1. Organize data into categories of skills, characteristics and behaviors
2. Order categories in terms of importance to success in the course

Step 5: Plan for Future Action

1. Create an assessment/evaluation format for the course
2. Develop an extra assessment for guiding the sharing process
3. Share information with students at the beginning of next year’s course.